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Global Engagement

What if instead of just paying a few people to do the mission work for your church, your entire church was mobilized to use their job and skills to live on mission both in your city and around the world? Think of the impact that will make in your people and your church! If you are willing to lead, we can help you begin to work around the world by showing you our example, and helping you get started.

Restoration Rome

In 2016, the City of Rome awarded Global Impact the former Southeast Elementary School building to be repurposed as a hub for foster, adoption, and family services. This hub is called Restoration Rome and is the heart of all Global Impact’s domestic programs. Restoration Rome brings public, private, and faith-based partners together to strengthen and restore children and families in Christ’s name.

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Hope Village

Hope Village is an emerging initiative that seeks to create a “City within our City” that addresses the systemic issues (mental health, substance misuse, and poverty) that plague our community and fuel the foster crisis. The vision for Hope Village includes residential treatment, transitional recovery housing, and outpatient services delivered in a safe and supportive environment.  

James House Project

The James House Project began in 2015 and is an initiative that utilizes single-family residences to increase the number of foster homes and emergency housing in communities severely impacted by the foster care crisis. The project is designed to keep children “at home” in their communities so that the family has the opportunity to work toward reunification without the hinderances of long-distance placements.  

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