transforming communities "glocally"

what is GLOCAL?

“Glocal” describes how our global work informs our local work, and our local work informs our global work. These two are not separate, rather they are an extension of one another.

Mobilizing Disciples of Jesus Christ to Transform Communities

Global Impact exists to mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ to transform communities and manifest the Kingdom of God through their work in all domains of society. Our vision is to see communities transformed, individuals reconciled to God, and the underserved served, through the collaborative work of disciples in every domain of society.​

Global Engagement

Kingdom. Disciple. Society. Church.

These four principals inform everything we do, including the multiplication of the local church. We work with GlocalNet, a family of churches that are uniting around the mobilization of our church members to engage society around the gospel of Jesus Christ. This helps create flourishing communities, and in part, assists God’s strategy for advancing the kingdom rule of Christ.

Together, we have started over 200 churches with the simple goal of serving cities around the world. The GlocalNet family looks different in every location, but these four principles are what guide us. If God has called you to start a church or take an existing church into a new direction, we know this will work in your community.

Local Engagement

Currently, there are over 500,000 children in foster care across the United States. In Georgia, there are more than 19,000 children in state care. Due to the debilitating systemic issues facing our communities, these numbers continue to increase at an alarming rate.

In collaboration with the Georgia Division of Family and Children’s Services, Rome/Floyd County Juvenile Court, and a number of service providers and stakeholders, Global Impact has endeavored to reimagine foster care from a preventative and in-care perspective. To do this, multiple innovative and comprehensive models of engagement were needed to address the issues that fuel the foster care crisis as well as the overwhelmed system of care that serves our families currently in state care. Restoration RomeThe James House ProjectTBRI Georgia, and Hope Village are three of these models. Each serves a specific purpose and works as part of a larger system designed to arrest the foster care crisis and bring healing to our communities.

Initiatives to Transform Local Communities

“This agency (The Georgia Division of Family & Children Services) cannot do this alone. We really need these community-based organizations, faith-based groups and nonprofits,” said DFCS State Director Tom Rawlings. “What I love about Restoration Rome is that they’re bringing everyone in the Rome area together to do this in one place. It’s such a great support to the people that we serve, our staff and the entire community in Northwest Georgia.”

we need your help

Transforming Communities

You feel called to help children and families both locally and abroad. But it’s hard to know if your donations will go directly to the people you want to help. At Global Impact, we created a sustainable system so that our operating costs are always covered and donations can go directly to the children and families you want to help. We partner with fantastic stewards like you who make a daily difference in the lives of families down the street and around the world.